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Do you let stress pass, or do you pass it on? How often do you snap at a loved one, send a snarky email, or eat the whole pizza? Guess what, it’s not your fault! Biology wired us to react to threats, and then our animal brain programmed those repeated responses into subconscious habits. So when stress happens, we react instantly, oftentimes displaying the same behaviors we learned as a child. We can’t help but pass stress on to others who then pass it on to others. This Hot Potato Stress not only harms our health and relationships, but also inhibits our productivity and success. The good news is that we can change how we respond to stress. We can rewire the brain to reprogram our automatic reactions so that when stress happens, we can shake it off, let it pass, and treat it like water off a duck’s back.

Leaderscript empowers us to override the stress response with a simple science-backed framework: Smile and Say then Ask. When stress happens, Smile and Say then Ask to refocus your attention on what matters most so you can let stress pass and respond with leadership. In every moment we have a choice. Leaderscript helps us choose leadership so we can be more successful in our pursuits and less toxic along the way.

Our Library of Leaderscripts culls comebacks and wisdom from authors and writers to help you find a better way to say what you need to say so you can let stress pass and not pass it on. Test out your favorites and let us know how it went! And if you stumble across a great Leaderscript, please share it with us!

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