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Book a Bestie

When you need a best friend at work but don't have one.

Vent, whine, complain without judgment or consequences so you can get it out before it eats you up!

Cute Dog

What's a better way to say...
You're wrong!

  • I see it differently, but I may be wrong. Shall we examine the facts? (Credit: Dale Carnegie)

  • I'm not entirely convinced by your argument, can you provide more context?​

  • There's another side to consider. Shall we explore this from a different angle?

  • I think there might be some misunderstanding. Let's discuss it further?

What's a better way to say...
That's a terrible idea!

  • Unfortunately, that's not feasible at this time.

  • I appreciate the suggestion, but we won't be moving forward with that.

  • I understand your request, but we'll have to find an alternative solution.

  • Let's consider other options that may better suit our needs.

What's a funy way to say...
Oh, hell no!

What's a better way to say...
Stop giving me more work to do!

  • With my current workload, I won’t be able finish this task within the time you’ll need. Can we either extend the deadline or find someone on the team who can tackle this asap? (Credit:

  • I understand that this is important to you. Can you give me a day to think about it / check with the team?

  • Let me make sure that I understand the request. When would you need this done by and what would a successful result look like? (Credit:

  • Given my responsibilities, what should I say no to if I say yes to this?

What's a better way to say...
No we won't do that for you

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate that request at this time.

  • I'm sorry, but that is not a service we are equipped to provide.

  • You're requesting a significant amount. Are you willing to compromise?

  • If we do this for you, can we ask a favor of you?

What's a better way to say...
It's not my job!

  • Thank you for considering me for this task. I'm currently prioritizing other projects that require my immediate attention, but I am more than willing to support in other ways or revisit this request once my workload has eased.

  • I'm afraid I won't be able to take on additional responsibilities without compromising the quality of my work or meeting deadlines. I understand the importance of this task and its urgency, and I want to ensure that it receives the attention it deserves. Is there a possibility of delegating it to someone else on the team who may have more availability?

  • I'm flattered that you thought of me, but there must be someone else better suited for this request don't you think?

What's a better way to say...
I didn't ask for your opinion!

  • Thank you for your perspective. I will take that into consideration. (Credit: The Good Wife)

  • Thank you for sharing, but I've already resolved this matter for myself.


  • I value your input, but I've already considered various perspectives.

  • I appreciate your perspective, but I'm confident in my decision

What's a better way to say...
I wouldn't do that if I were you!

  • That is one way to do it. Have you considered other approaches?

  • We can agree to disagree on this decision, but are we at least aligned in what we are trying to accomplish?

  • It sounds like your mind is made up on this. Have you thought through the consequences of this decision?

  • It sounds like you've thought this through, so go ahead and do what you feel is best.

What's a better way to say...
I never get
what I want!

  • Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck. (Credit: The Dalai Lama)

  • I often feel disappointed when things don't go as planned.


  • I frequently encounter obstacles in reaching my desired goals.

  • Setbacks are valuable lessons that often contribute to success in the long run.

What's a better way to say...
He's a terrible manager!

  • It is absurd that a man should rule others who cannot rule himself. (Credit: Latin Proverb)

  • That team is poorly managed.

  • There may be opportunities for improvement in his managerial approach.

  • I've noticed some behaviors from my manager that have made it challenging for me to thrive in my role. My intention is not to complain, but to seek guidance on how to address these challenges effectively. Would you be open to discussing and offering some guidance?

What's a better way to say...
around here is either incompetent or malicious!

  • Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you. (Credit: Stealers Wheel)

  • I find it challenging to collaborate effectively with some members of the team.

  • I've noticed some individuals with strong self-focus or self-centered tendencies in my work environment.

What's a better way to say...
stop dumping your sh!t on me!

  • That's a lot to hold in. Do you have someone you can talk to about it?

  • Drama seems to follow you wherever you go. Do you enjoy it?

  • We’d be more focused without all the distractions coming from you. Would you prefer that we stay focused and speed things up on this project or fix every issue that you send our way? (Credit: Yuelian Hong)

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